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You’re Not a Piece of Furniture – So Get Stretching!

Arthritis and Stretching 1

Staying in one position for too long can make joints stiffer. When working at a desk or watching TV, make sure to get up every 15 minutes to do stretching and get your body moving. Adjusting your position frequently can keep you from getting achy too. Even simple exercises are ideal for reducing the symptoms of arthritis as well as ensuring that the joints remain flexible and mobile. The issue of mobility is a vital one as this will help to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints which keep them in place.

The old saying ‘use it or lose it’ is particularly relevant to arthritis sufferers. Exercise confers a range of benefits which include weight management, healthy heart and lungs, increased energy levels and improved mental well-being. Experts recommend that we all exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day at least five times a week. If this sounds a lot then break these 30 minutes up into three, ten-minute sessions. You may find this easier to do as well as fitting in better with your lifestyle. But try not to overdo exercise. If you are stiff and sore, then this to be expected but if this is worse than before you started then it is a sign of having overdone things. Many arthritis sufferers find that exercising little and often provides the best results.

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