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GOLDIC is a Regenerative Therapy using Stem Cell Research to treat conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and injuries.

A wealth of research has been conducted into how Gold helps to regulate the human immune system, especially in the field of Rheumatology. Dr Ulrich Schneider of Germany took this research and applied it to Stem Cell Therapy to create GOLDIC.

This advanced regenerative technology has become well-known as a personalized and side-effect free way to treat some of the worst symptoms of joint and muscle disease.

The Science Behind GOLDIC

The name GOLDIC actually stands for GOLD Induced Cytokines. Cytokines are small proteins that, when released into your system, tell your immune system to do its job. Gold can activate these cytokines to send a stronger message to the immune system.

 In short – specially designed gold particles, mixed with a person’s blood, create activated cytokines, which are injected back into the individual to repair and regenerate the tissue, alongside reducing swelling, pain and inflammation.

How GOLDIC Treatment Works

GOLDIC involves an easy, step-by-step process:

  1. Your physician will take a small blood sample from you.
  2. This blood will then be mixed with the selected gold particles in specialised tubes.
  3. The mixture will then be incubated for 24 hours, to allow the reactions to take place between your blood and the gold.
  4. After this, the mixture will be centrifuged (spun very quickly in a machine) to separate the gold, your platelets and blood cells from the treatment serum. This serum will be concentrated with the cytokines and growth factors specifically produced for you.
  5. Your physician will inject this serum into the affected area, 4 times over 2-4 weeks.


There are so many treatments available for joint and muscle issues, why is GOLDIC a good choice for you?

Stem Cell therapy is a fast-paced, revolutionary treatment option that focuses on using what the body already has, making it safe and effective as it’s tailored to the individual. By using your own blood, the risk of side effects are significantly reduced. GOLDIC therapy activates your existing stem cells in the affected area, supporting them to recover naturally.

GOLDIC has a very high success rate and is becoming known as an extremely effective treatment across the world.

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