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Organize Your Home for Better Accessibility

Arthritis Organize Your Home for Better Accessibility

Keep items you use often within easy reach so you don’t need to bend and stretch to get your hands on what you need. Also, consider stocking up on supplies that you use in different rooms – so you can keep one set in each spot. For instance, keeping cleaning supplies in both the kitchen and the bathroom will make it easy to grab those cleaners when you need them. Small areas of clutter can easily become mountains of stuff if they’re not contained. Assess your home and identify clutter hotspots. Place a decorative container where you tend to empty your pockets. Organize bills and mail in a folder. Designate a place for your keys and mobile phone.

Take a look at items you frequently use and where you keep them. Then, reorganize in ways that make sense for you. If there’s an item you often use in your living room, but it’s stored in your bedroom, move it to your living room so it’s always at hand. You can also keep items you frequently use, such as a laptop, on a cart with wheels and move it from room to room as needed. Whether opening medication bottles or food containers, RA can make these such tasks difficult and painful. Ask your pharmacist to dispense your medications in easy-open bottles, Also, use openers that make the job easier. For example, there’s the Dycem Bottle Opener which helps remove childproof tops. A nutcracker or pliers with a long handle can assist in loosen bottle caps.

Many larger department stores and online suppliers sell a tool called a reacher. It can help you grab items located high up. Keep one handy in your home to reach items easily when no one is around to help. If you find yourself frequently using the reacher to perform the same task, consider moving the object to a more convenient location. Having arthritis can increase your risk of falls. Look around your home and get rid of anything that can cause you to trip. Pick up clutter on the floor. If you have rugs, make sure they’re secured to the floor. Use nonslip mats in showers and bathtubs. In the kitchen, there are countless tools and assistive devices available to make the preparation of meals easier. Replace your troublesome gadgets with those that make your life easier. Look for pots and pans with two handles instead of one. Use magnetic measuring cups and spoons that stick together so they’re easier to find in crowded drawers. Really, the list of gadgets out there is almost endless.

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