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Eating wisely for Rheumatoid Arthritis 300x169 - Media
Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Eating healthily as old as a Greek legend – but there’s something very true today about what a sensible diet
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Best Harvard Orthopaedic Surgeon Dubai William Hodge
Introducing Dr William Hodge
Exciting News: Introducing Dr. William Hodge We are extending the warmest of welcomes to Dr. William Hodge, who we’re thrilled
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Fibromyalgia and Sleep Apnea 300x208 - Media
Fibromyalgia and Sleep Apnea
Fibromyalgia and Sleep – What You Need To Know For patients with fibromyalgia, sleep apnea could become a problem. With
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World Arthritis Day 2018 Dubai UAE
World Arthritis Day 2018
A full day of free activities was organised by the Middle East Arthritis Foundation (MEAF) Dubai, UAE: Over the weekend the
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HBMC Walk For Arthritis 2019 Dubai 1 300x200 - Media
Walk for Arthritis 2019
With our team at the annual #walkforarthritis2019 at #dubaicreekpark. Hats off to our team who is there even on their day off to
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Eid Moubarak 300x200 - Media
Eid El Fitr
We wish all our valued patients a happy and blessed Eid El Fitr. On this occasion, the clinic will be
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World Arthritis Day 2019 Dubai 300x200 - Media
World Arthritis Day 2019
We dedicate ourselves once more to the care of people with arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. With better research and
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RA Psa Advisory Board Dubai 1 300x186 - Media
RA & Psa Advisory Board Dubai
Dr. Humeira Badsha Consultant Rheumatologist in Dubai, Dr. Ghita Harifi Board-Certified Rheumatologist During RA & Psa Advisory Board Dubai, UAE.
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