Rheumatology and Orthopedic Doctors in Dubai


World Arthritis Day Kitchen 1
World Arthritis Day – Kitchen Challenge
SCAFA Culinary School, Dubai  
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Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2015 Dubai
Staff running Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon
We are running for arthritis at Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2015, Dubai  
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Celebrating World Arthritis Day 2015
World Arthritis Day – 9th October – 2015 – Dubai
Painful and debilitating, arthritis affects one in five people in the Middle East. Contrary to popular belief, the chronic disease
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Chairing the Rheumatology conference
Chairing the Rheumatology Conference
Chairing the Rheumatology conference accredited by Cleveland clinic
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rheumatoid arthritis
Quality Indicators for Rheumatoid Arthritis (PDF)
Background/Purpose Prior to the establishment of RA standards set by the ACR, a widespread discrepancy was formed between practices, which
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regen treatments to enhance ortho surgical outcome 1 1
Regenerative Treatments to Enhance Orthopedic Surgical Outcome
Regenerative adjunctive treatment is the next logical step in the progression of surgical intervention. Biologically augmented or regenerative techniques are
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world arthritis day 2016 dubai uae
Dr Humeira Badsha, who is also a founder of the Emirates Arthritis Foundation and Dr Harifi were a part of
Rheumatoid arthritis is the most prevalent form of inflammatory arthritis, affecting roughly 1% of UAE population. Two-thirds of these are
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A new member to the Department of Rheumatology
The Dr. Humeira Badsha Medical Center team are very pleased to announce the addition of a new member to the
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Oct 15
Rheumatology Conference 2016
Dr Badsha and Dr Harifi were teaching other rheumatologists hands-on practice of techniques using joint injections to the knee, shoulder,
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Professor Nicola Maffulli
Pleased to announce the addition of the new member to the Department of Orthopaedics – Prof. Nicola Maffulli
Prof. Maffulli has published more than 900 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and 12 books on Orthopaedic Surgery and in
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