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Keep Moving – Exercise Will Keep Arthritic Pain at Bay

Exercise Arthritis Pain

If you are looking to start any form of exercise, then it is a good idea to discuss this with your doctor first. This is particularly important if you have not exercised for some time and/or are aged 40 and above. Your medic will assess your condition and advise you about suitable forms of exercise. He can also refer you to a physiotherapist if necessary. The important issue is finding something that you are able to do and enjoy. Many people start a sport or exercise with plenty of enthusiasm only to find that this has declined after a short period of time. There are many reasons for this, one of these being a lack of motivation. Motivation is why you persist with exercise even if it is hard work or exhausting so you need to find an activity which will keep your motivation levels up.

Your choices are joining a gym, jogging, cycling, swimming, walking or even dance classes. But remember to check first with your GP before undertaking any of these. As one sufferer put it: “I don’t want my pain and struggle to make me a victim. I want my battle to make me someone else’s hero.”

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