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Knee Injuries, Pain, and Treatment
The knee is an important weight-bearing joint and is formed by the lower end of the femur, upper end of the tibia (leg bone) and patella (knee cap). The knee consists of two compartments, medial (inner) and lateral (outer) compartments. The stability of the knee is provided mainly by the ligaments of the knee. The knee is one of the commonly injured joints in sports as well as in other injuries.


The shoulder joint has the widest range of movement in the body, allowing us to reach objects. It’s a ball and socket joint, where the cup is formed by the glenoid part of the shoulder blade and the ball is formed by the head of the humerus (arm bone). But the cup is very shallow – almost flat and this makes it easy for the ball to come out. The stability of the joint is provided by the labrum, capsule and ligaments of the shoulder. The labrum is a rim of fibrous tissue attached to the periphery of the cup (glenoid). The labrum deepens the cup and also behaves like a bumper against joint displacement.

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