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Regenerative Treatments to Enhance Orthopedic Surgical Outcome

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Regenerative adjunctive treatment is the next logical step in the progression of surgical intervention. Biologically augmented or regenerative techniques are at the very forefront of modern treatment and have the potential to transform the practice of medicine and surgery significantly in a very short period. Less than 20 years ago, one of the first applications of platelet-rich growth factors was successfully used to help augment dental implantation.

From this starting point progressive advancements have been made, but much remains to be learned. Although the basic science remains in its infancy, especially in the areas of signaling, regulation, and mechanism, regenerative knowledge has expanded significantly in volume and across disciplines. The purpose of this review is to provide a road map of the significant developments in preclinical and clinical results involving biological solutions to improve rotator cuff, ligament, meniscus, and articular cartilage surgical repair.

A research paper on ‘Regenerative Treatments to Enhance Orthopedic Surgical Outcome’, Click to view the PDF


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