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Workshop by Dr Ghita Harifi during Physical Medicine & Rehab 2017 Conference

Dr Ghita Harifi during physical medicine rehab 2017 conference Ghita Harifi 1280x800 - Workshop by Dr Ghita Harifi during Physical Medicine & Rehab 2017 Conference

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will feature 3 separate dedicated conference tracks across both days and will feature:

Sports Medicine and Injury: This will cover all aspects of the four key joints, including ankle, knee, shoulder and hip. The conference will provide a forum for the exchange of practical and technical information on the broad range of current and emerging areas in sports injury treatment and prevention.

Rheumatology: The 2-day Rheumatology Conference will be divided into two distinct days, with day one dedicated to Rheumatologists and day two designed for General Practitioners with a special interest in rheumatology. The content has been developed to improve knowledge & education of rheumatology disorders at an intermediary level. It will also provide a framework for how those in primary care can effectively communicate with secondary care practitioners in this field.

Physical Medicine and Rehab (PMR): The congress will feature a dedicated PMR conference track covering rehabilitation & pain management issues relating to muscles, bones, ligaments and the nervous system.

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