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د. شارميلا تولبول

أخصائية جراحة العظام

اللغات إنجليزي الهندية / الأردية

الدكتورة شارميلا تولبول ، واحدة من عدد قليل من طبيبات جراحة العظام في العالم. خبرة تزيد عن 25 عامًا وهي أخصائية في الطب التجديدي حاصلة على شهادة البورد الأمريكي في الطب التجديدي.
Trained at GMC, Nagpur University – one of the largest and most reputed medical colleges & teaching hospitals in Asia, Dr. Sharmila was academically brilliant and known for her high achievements. She subsequently worked in Mumbai, under the tutelage of the most distinguished Orthopedic doctors in the field. Her wealth of experience includes appointments as Lecturer, Assistant Professor, and Head of Department, before working as a Trauma Surgeon in a Tertiary Trauma Care Center.
For the last 16 years, she has been practicing as an Orthopedic and Arthroscopic Surgeon in Dubai, with thousands of successful treatments behind her in a range of areas:

الخلايا الجذعية والطب التجديدي

With extensive experience in the fast evolving field of regenerative medicine, she is a leading Physician for Orthobiological therapies, including PRP, adipose stem cell and SVF therapies, autologous conditioned serum therapy, bone marrow aspirate and the most advanced and successful GOLDIC therapy.
Dr. Sharmila’s interest in Orthobiologics and regenerative medicine was a natural progression from her specialization in minimally invasive surgeries, to treat patients in the most simplistic and effective way. Dr. Sharmila has authored numerous international research papers in the field of regenerative medicine and also written chapters in Textbooks of OrthoBiologics. She has been teaching and training other doctors in this field

جراحة العظام

Ultrasound /Image guided regenerative procedures for arthritis, tendinosis, muscle/ligament /tendon injuries, Back/neck/tail bone pain

Dr. Sharmila is vastly experienced in Orthopedic Surgeries, with the goal of these treatments always striving to treat patients with least invasive and most natural techniques, in an effective and successful way.

جراحة بالمنظار

Dr. Sharmila completed specialist training in Arthroscopic Surgery in France.

مشاكل الركبة

Dr. Sharmila can help with all types of knee pain, from Arthritis to sports injuries and early as well as advanced arthritis.

مشاكل الوتر

If you have received an injury to your tendon, or are suffering with degeneration issues, or a sports injury, Dr. Sharmila will be able to assist.

أمراض مشتركة

Dr. Sharmila is a specialist for various joint issues including shoulders, hips, ankles, elbows and wrists.
Internationally renowned, and an acclaimed and successful Orthopedic Consultant in the UAE, Dr. Sharmila is extremely passionate about further developing the utilization of regenerative medicine and OrthoBiologics by treating patients and training doctors in this revolutionary field.


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